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And then your gaze! 
Bulging eyes as if you completely have surrendered yourself. At such a moment you don't look like an angel anymore. Then you are a cat that has been driven into the corner. A corned prey that does not really surrender. A beast that, if I catch it, digs its claws into my flesh. You're playing a dangerous game.

Out now: CHARLIE DARK (Dutch). An intense and fairytale-like story about a sensual love that turns into an obsession, sizzling with eroticism

Author reading Charlie Dark in Antwerp


Storm Dennis blew me to Antwerp for a nice and very relaxed interview by Ann van de Vloet of HolebiBib with cunning questions.

Photo report author reading Charlie Dark


The young British tailor ZACK MACLEOD PINSENT never wears modern clothing. He ceremonially burned his last pair of jeans when he was fourteen. For him, making and wearing clothes from the past is the most effective way of self-expression. His persistency has led him to become proficient in the tailoring trade. With as a specialization the clothing style from 1660 to the twenties of the last century. With youthful enthusiasm, craftsmanship, determination and charm, Zack now runs his one-man business in tailor-made historical clothing: Pinsent clothing. Feeling lackadaisical? No inspiration? Watch the short BBC video with Zack and you will be fresh and reborn. If only we could all be so cheerful and persistent!

More on Zack Pinsent tailoring
Video about Zack Pinsent (BBC)

Photo © Zack Pinsent

INSPIRATION: La garçonne by
Victor Margueritte


La garçonne by VICTOR MARGUERITTE (1866 - 1942). It is a novel from 1925 about Monique, who dresses like a boy, smokes cigarettes, uses drugs and has lesbian mistresses. This novel, then considered scandalous, caused the author to lose his Légion d'honneur.

La garçonne

Plans for 2020


An INTERVIEW is planned for Sunday 16 February in Antwerp Holebibib, at the Draakplaats. That will be about my novel Charlie Dark that appeared autumn 2019 at IJzer publishing house.

I have a complete manuscript ready that will be published: ALEX STANOVSKY. That is a story of a young man who ends up in a train community from which it seems there is no escaping from. Moreover, he is in love with the androgynous Karin Tender who has a high position there. I will keep you informed when Alex Stanovsky will appear.

I am also collecting ideas for a YOUTH NOVEL. This will be about a ten year old girl. The character isbased on the train manager Karin Tender from Alex Stanovsky, but in a young version. Karin feels she is a boy as well as a girl. She lives together with her father and his friend in a house with a beautiful garden. Her mother camps in a caravan in the garden. Karin wants to be a train conductor. One with a mustache!

Charlie Dark: bookpresentation


The time has come: my 3rd novel CHARLIE DARK was launched yesterday with a theatrical book presentation full of singing and interviews in Theaterhuis de Berkenkuil in Utrecht. It was a special afternoon in which the presenter Hans Pols took full interviews with Willem Desmense from the IJzer publishing house, the designers Sander & Sandor and me. Video recordings have also been made, which will follow. Hereby a photo and video impression.

Book presentation Charlie Dark: photo and video report

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